Hot Takes from Super Bowl Sunday


Super bowl 56 has come and gone. Bummed that the Cincinnati Bengals (#WhoDey) didn’t win, but it was actually a good game this year. I had all of my big game treats and food ready to go. And, don’t ask me why, but I actually watched most of that NBC five hour pre-game show. And, don’t ask me why, I actually enjoyed most of it. But, here are some random opinions (my hot takes) from today:

1) About the game itself: Really enjoyed it. You can never count out Joe Burrow, and it came down to the last series of the game, and within the last couple of minutes. That kid and that team will be back. 

2) About the halftime show: Why are people bringing the hate? I thought that it was a good show. Definitely nostalgic. I wouldn’t call myself a hip-hop music kind of guy, but definitely brought back some fun memories from “back in the day.”

3) Best commercial: The LeBron James talking to the younger version of himself. I didn’t even know what company the ad was for, but I enjoyed how it was put together.

4) Can we finally get rid of mask mandates? Did you see any masks in the super bowl tv coverage? Some news channels will be making a big deal about this in the next few days. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-mask. I’m pro mask optional. If you want to wear a mask, that’s cool. But, I think that in many circumstances, requirements for wearing a mask should be going away. That’s my take!

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