Top European Cities To Explore By Bike


With many European countries pivoting towards net zero emissions goals, the days of exploring a city by car might be numbered. Instead, you’ll be able to keep your conscience and the city clean by exploring via bike. This can open up plenty of sights to you, all while allowing you to exercise too. Below, we explore the top European cities to explore by bike and any risks you should be aware of.

Risks When You’re Cycling In A City

Your first priority should be to stay safe when you’re cycling around a city. For a start, you should always leave at least three feet of space from other vehicles – you never know when a door might open. Similarly, you should try to avoid the blind spots of cars to lower the risk of an accident. From there, you should just need to follow some basic rules of cycling: always wear a helmet, put on hi-vis clothing and follow the rules of the road. Sometimes, though, even when you take these precautions, an accident might occur. If you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s worth looking into cycling accident claims to see if you might win compensation to help you focus on your recovery.


London’s municipal bike loan scheme allows you to jump on any bike from a docking station in the city, with the first 30 minutes of travel coming free. You can use this practical offering to visit any of the city’s green spaces like Regents Park or Victoria Park.


Amsterdam is world-famous as a cycling city. Indeed, cycling is the main form of transport for locals, and it can be intimidating learning the right etiquette to thrive. But by hiring a bike and heading to beautiful Vondel Park, you can begin to settle in and explore the Dutch capital.


Copenhagen is another excellent city for cycling. 49 per cent of inhabitants commute via bike and you can explore the city’s iconic harbour through the beautiful 13km bike loop.


Berlin is an incredibly flat city, making it easy to explore on a bike. And with famous nightseeing bicycle tours, you can use your bike to see Berlin as you’ve never witnessed before.


Valencia benefits from the Valenbisi loan system, allowing you to quickly hop on a bike in the city. Whether you want to head to the beach or the city centre, the special paved bike lanes are perfect for exploring.

Cycling is a great way to explore and learn more about a city. And by picking any of the European destinations above, you’ll be set for a wonderful adventure.

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