Types of Denture Repairs Users Might Need


Holes left behind from missing teeth can create difficulties in speech, eating and generally dwindle self-confidence creating the need for immediate teeth replacement. Dentures (also called false teeth) are cost-effective, removable prosthetic devices that serve as a long-term solution to replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, even with their durability, accidents do happen, and the fact that dentures are long-lasting doesn’t mean they do not get damaged or require repairs every now and then. Some of the types of denture repairs users might need include;

Denture Relining

This type of denture repair is usually necessary when a user’s dentures begin to change over time (which is to be expected). The human mouth experiences small natural changes to the gums and soft tissues over time. So, when these changes start to affect the way your dentures fit, it is time for you to take your dentures in for professional relining. It is important to not attempt to alter your dentures by yourself in any way, either by using home tools or over the counter DIY denture repair kits, as this will only cause serious damage to your dentures. Allowing the right mobile denture repair near me company to handle all your repairs will ensure that your dentures are fixed and altered to fit your mouth perfectly.

Denture adjustments

Usually, when a pair of dentures require repairs,  a qualified dental technician can carry out some adjustments on them so that they fit properly while remaining comfortable. These adjustments are mostly minor with the purpose of allowing the dentures to function properly.

Denture rebasing

Denture rebasing is a type of denture repair that replaces the entire base of the dentures, with the goal of improving their stability. Rebasing of dentures is usually necessary when a pair dentures has begun to reach the end of their lifespan or become cracked (which mostly happens when they are dropped).

Denture replacement

Although this technically doesn’t qualify as a repair, if your dentures are severely broken or simply no longer work, you may need a total denture replacement.

Extend the life of your dentures with the right denture repair

Some local shops and pharmacies sell a variety of OTC denture repair kits that allow users to fix dentures by themselves at home. While this may seem like a reasonable and cheaper option for emergency repair, it is not advised. This is because you might end up causing more damage and making things worse. Also, some of the glues wearers use in an attempt to repair their dentures themselves may be too powerful or toxic and can cause illness if too much is used or it is accidentally swallowed. To prevent any issues, the safest bet is to have a qualified dental professional handle your denture repair. If you are unable to carry your damaged dentures to a dental clinic yourself, you can post them to a trusted mobile denture repair company where they get repaired and posted back to your doorstep.


Poorly fitted or damaged dentures can make speaking and chewing uncomfortable. It can also cause serious dental issues like sores and infections, which is why it is crucial to fix damaged dentures immediately. Proper denture repair is necessary for people who want to lengthen the lifespan of their false teeth, so book a denture repair appointment today to save your teeth.

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