Currently: February 2023 – Peanut Butter Fingers

I just checked and it looks like the last time I shared a “Currently” themed blog post in this space was in July of last year. We were smack-dab in the middle of moving mayhem, living in Florida for 30 days and life was very much up in the air. Things can change a lot in seven months and we’re now in our new home and more than a month into the new year. I’d say it’s time for another Currently update! Let’s get to it! Here’s a little peek into what’s happening over here lately… Currently-style!

Currently: February 2023

Currently Watching: Break Point on Netflix

You guys we actually have a show we are watching right now!! I swear Ryan and I go months and months between shows but when I heard about Break Point, I mentioned it to Ryan and we gave it a shot after the boys were in bed last weekend. Ryan will watch any sports-related documentary and I admittedly was more interested in a tennis documentary because I had just finished reading Carrie Soto is Back which basically turned me into a tennis expert overnight. We’ve only made it through two episodes so far but it’s been interesting. I am hoping the documentary will share more about the athletes’ training in future episodes but it’s still cool to see what goes through the minds of a handful of the best tennis players in the world as they approach huge matches.

Currently Reapplying: Laneige Lip Mask

Have you guys heard of this lip mask? It blew up the internet and became an influencer and celebrity favorite but since I apparently live under a rock, I only recently heard about it. The concept sounded great: Apply a thick smear of this lip mask to your lips before bed, let it sink in overnight and awake to soft, hydrated lips. It took all of one application of this stuff for me to love it. First, it tastes fantastic. The berry flavor is subtly sweet and delightful. Second, it feels amazing on my lips… so amazing that I’ve started carrying it around with me in my bag because I don’t want to only use it at night time. The tiniest amount goes a long way and I’m lovinggg this stuff!

Currently Impressed By: Ryan’s increasing haircut skills!

For the past few months, Ryan has been cutting the boys’ hair. Every month he picks up new tricks and skills and while he’ll be the first to say their haircuts don’t look like they’re done by a professional, I think he’s been doing an awesome job!! Plus, anything that saves us from popping into Great Clips every 6 weeks for a trim sounds like a good thing to me. I’m hoping it’s something he’ll continue to do and enjoy because the boys seem to think Dad haircuts are the coolest and I think they look pretty cute, too!!

Currently Can’t Believe: I will have FOUR mornings to myself this coming fall.

I just submitted preschool registrations for the fall and Rhett and Ryder will be attending preschool four mornings a week. Chase will be in second grade so he’ll be in school Monday through Friday and I cannot believe I will have four 3.5-hour stretches of time to myself four mornings a week beginning in September. Whaaaat is this magic!?

I’ll be using this time mostly to work on this blog but dannng I am just so pumped for some consistent mornings to myself. I also know 3.5 hours will fly by but you better believe I’ve mastered the ability to pump out a bunch of work in a minimal amount of time since having kids. You know the saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person?” Well, I wholeheartedly agree with that because moms and busy people somehow just how how to get it done. Four 3.5 hour stretches of time where no child needs me during the week sounds magical to my brain that currently seems to live in a state of multitasking and kid chaos.

Currently Crafting: Perler bead creations

Affectionately referred to as “melty beads” in our house, our big kids cannot get enough of Perler beads lately. They’ve created everything from ocean animals and video game controllers to patterned shapes, dogs, birds, cars and more with these things. I also oddly find this activity relaxing and will join in the fun, too, so it’s been a great way to spend some calm quality time with the boys.

Also, I owe a huge thank you to Becca for recommending Biggie Beads to me! Rhett always tries to do melty beads with his big brothers but can’t really make real creations yet and Biggie Beads seem like a much better fit for him. They’re the same Perler beads our boys love only BIGGER! I ordered some for Rhett to try along with some patterns he can follow and they’re set to arrive today!

Currently Reading: The Address by Fiona Davis

I’ve been immersed in the world of thrillers lately but historical fiction will always have my heart. I’ve loved Fiona Davis’ historical fiction novels in the past and just began reading The Address earlier this week. It’s a little slow to start but I can already feel it picking up steam so my hopes are high!

Currently Making: Perfect M&M Cookies

We first tried these cookies when one of Chase’s friends brought them to our house during a playdate over the holidays and they blew us away. I’ve made so many M&M cookies over the years and they’ve all fallen a little short of my expectations but THESE are fantastic!!! We’ve made them a handful of times and while I do prefer them with mini M&Ms like the recipe calls for, they work with regular M&Ms as well which I’ve done a few times when I want to use seasonal colored M&Ms. One important note: The dough seems like it might be a little dry and crumbly when you mix it but keep mixing!!! The dough will eventually come together and become super thick. One little tip: I recommend under-baking them a bit for maximum tastiness.

Currently Sipping: Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea

Aka my all-time favorite tea.

Random tea-related story: One night when Chase couldn’t sleep, he came downstairs to find Ryan making himself a mug of Sleepytime tea with our electric kettle. Ryan made Chase a mug, too, and he sipped it while we read Harry Potter together. Chase will now ask for “tea and stories” after his little brothers go to bed if he can’t sleep. (He even makes the sign of the letter “T” with his hands and winks at us when we tuck him in at the same time as Ryder on Friday or Saturday nights because he knows those are nights he’s allowed to stay up a little later.) It’s adorable and somehow makes Chase seem like a little kid and a teenager all at once to me.

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