Medical School Application Mistakes – Motivate MD


It is crucial to send back your secondary applications in a timely manner. We highly recommend that you send in your secondaries within two weeks, ideally within one week, of receiving them. The longer you wait, the longer it takes for schools to consider your application. Many schools send out secondaries automatically to every applicant. Therefore, you are looking at a large number of essays to complete. You will become quickly overwhelmed as secondaries from multiple schools roll in at the same time. This workload can become a huge obstacle because delaying your secondary application puts you at a disadvantage. Therefore, we recommend that you pre-write your secondary essays. Secondary essay prompts for specific schools can easily be found online.

Write out your essays in advance, starting with your top choice schools. Because most schools use similar questions, you can even save a separate document with answers to some of these reusable questions such as what makes you a diverse applicant, examples of challenges you have faced, or why you want to pursue medicine. This will save you valuable time once you receive your secondaries.

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