How long do teeth last after root canal treatment


We all know that the teeth are still good! And root canal treatment is the last straw that can keep your bad teeth and rotten teeth. If you don’t do root canal treatment, the teeth can only be extracted and replaced with dentures!

Dental care is a vital part of our lives.

Therefore, generally when the patient’s dental conditions allow, a conscientious doctor will recommend that the patient choose root canal treatment instead of directly extracting the tooth!

It also means: under the treatment of the doctor, we have used the teeth that need to be extracted for a period of time!

So many people will be confused, how long is this time? Is root canal treatment necessary?

The lifespan of teeth after root canal treatment varies from person to person. In general, teeth after root canal treatment may become brittle after many years, and may be broken when eating. (Porcelain teeth) To protect the teeth, then there is no need to worry about the reduction of the life of the teeth!

Why do I need braces after root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment means cleaning the nerve line in the root canal and filling it with

point tips, so that bacteria will no longer invade, there will be no more inflammation in the future, and the tooth will no longer hurt.

The nerve cord, also known as the pulp, the pulp is to provide nutrition to the teeth, just like a tree, it will only flourish when it is watered with water, but now that you have extracted the pulp, the tooth will lose its supply. If the source is a tree, it will dry up and die. If the tooth is very fragile, it will fall off piece by piece. If it is serious, it may be split and pulled out. And the color of the tooth without pulp supply will be darker. Therefore, after the root canal treatment, most patients are recommended to do braces, so that in one step, the life of the tooth can be extended.

Braces are made to prolong the life of the teeth after root canal treatment, so what does the length of the teeth have to do with it?

  1. Personal habits: including whether you like to eat hard food, whether you like to drink carbonated drinks, whether you brush your teeth correctly or not, etc.
  2. Therapeutic effect: The effect of root canal treatment directly determines the service life of the tooth. Therefore, it is recommended that you must find a trusted, experienced and responsible dentist for treatment, and one doctor will do it from beginning to end. As long as the root canal treatment is satisfactory, then the tooth is largely guaranteed.
  3. With or without crown restoration, make a cover, that is, crown restoration, which can well protect the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.

To sum up, no doctor will dare to pat his chest and promise that there will be no problem with me using it for XX years. As long as you and your doctor can do the above 3 points, the affected tooth will last a long time.

Summary: How long do teeth last after root canal treatment?

I can only say that after a complete root canal treatment, a strict crown is added to the outside, and it is basically the same as a normal tooth.

That is to say: as long as the teeth are not loose, and the gum recession is not obvious, you can use it all the time!

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