Is It Time To Upgrade?


Have you ever needed to contact a patient after hours? Or wished you could know exactly which patient is calling you before you answer the phone? It might be time for a new dental practice phone system.

If you’re an office manager like Linda*, she found she could save time while providing patients with an optimal experience by using a cloud-based dental practice phone system. Switching from a landline to Legwork Phones has rewarded Linda with four key benefits:  

1. Communicating From One Platform Using A Dental Practice Phone System 

Most dental practice phone systems are solely for the purpose of calling patients. In contrast, Legwork Phones enable a more efficient front office to better serve patients. Instead of sending separate communications such as email, SMS, and fax, with Legwork Phones, Linda enjoys an integrated system where she can view call history and unify communications across different channels. Plus, she can easily click on a patient’s account to call them. She is also able to record calls to have a transcript on their account.

2. Directing Calls With a Drag-and-Drop Switchboard 

Due to numerous incoming calls, Linda would sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to answer every single one.  With the Legwork Phones’ easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, Linda can create a dial plan that directs how each extension handles incoming calls. If someone is calling for insurance reasons, billing, or to speak with the dentist, she can set up the call flow to ensure the call is routed to the correct person. If a new person joins the team or responsibilities shift, she can easily reposition operations in the dial plan by simply dragging them to where she wants. Once she saves her changes, they will immediately go into effect.

3. Accessing a Dental Practice Phone System From Anywhere

Prior to switching from a landline, when the practice had to close due to emergencies such as snowstorms, Linda would have to drive the treacherous roads to the office in order to call each patient scheduled for an appointment and let them know they were closed that day.  

Now, thanks to cloud-based phones, Linda can easily connect to patients from anywhereeven from the comfort of her home.  She can let the patients know they are closed without risking her own safety.  

Additionally, should a patient need to get in touch with the dentist for an emergency dental issue, such as a broken tooth, the patient can contact the dentist, even if it’s after hours.  

Linda and her team also have the peace of mind that their cloud-based phone system can keep their practice running and prevent potential downtime thanks to: 

  • Built-in back-up servers 
  • Quick recovery times 
  • No single point of failure

3. Getting The Full Scoop on Patients

Prior to using Legwork Phones, when patients called and Linda needed to pull up their information, she would often ask the patient for their date of birth or how to spell their name. Sometimes she misheard them, causing her delays as she would pull up their information.  

Since Legwork Phones integrates seamlessly with Legwork software, Linda can enjoy features like Call Pop-Up which automatically pulls up the patient’s details like name and date of birthso she doesn’t have to search while using the dental practice phone system.  

4. Be The VIP With VoIP Phones At Your Practice!  

You too can introduce your team to a more convenient phone system for your front office that’s simple to set up and includes free hardware. Contact an expert to learn which selection is right for your dental office.   

* Character is fictional  

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